We are a Germany / Australia-based digital innovation consultancy & engineering studio at the intersections of game design thinking & gamification, cutting-edge computing, and health & wellbeing topics.

We ideate, integrate, incubate: with our clients, we strategically connect the dots, creating end-to-end digital convergence IP and solutions, from initial workshop to playful intrapreneurship event to agile product prototyping including user testing, and further towards implementation and rollout.

Our unique innovation process applies convergence as a mechanic to explore digital opportunities.


Leonie Benkenstein

Software Developer | Phone: +49 721 986157-12 | Email: benkenstein@gerenwa.com

Tima Ungemach

Administrator | Phone: +49 721 986157-0 | Email: ungemach@gerenwa.com

Nergis Kuru

Project Assistant | Phone: +49 721 986 157-18 | Email: kuru@gerenwa.com

Manuel Conzelmann

User Experience Designer & Master’s Student  Phone: +49 721 986 157-17 Email: conzelmann@gerenwa.com

Partners and Clients