– Transmedia Recruiting Game

NEWS: has won the German HR Awards 2018 in the category “Recruiting”, as well as a Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 for “Interface & Experience Design”, is an Automotive Brand Contest Winner 2018 in the “Architecture & Events” segment and has received Stevie Award Gold for Achievement in Recruitment. Whew!

Traditional recruiting doesn’t win the best digital talent; you need to speak “Digital”: our gamified project on behalf of Daimler AG & their marques Mercedes-Benz and Smart combined a gripping car-hacking plot with actors, puzzles, a secret website, an app and hands-on live programming of real cars, taking place at “the largest tech conference in the world” (Inc.), Web Summit 2017.

Visit using desktop devices running Chrome in order to get an initial feel for the game – please note that the website is only one component of the overall game, and that you will not be able to complete the game without the other components.

Project Details

With the project, we were able to converge Daimler’s HR & IT objectives with brand promotion in a fun fashion, whilst pointing into a fictional, digitally integrated automobile future.

Concept & Realisation

  • Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz, gerenwa & Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Design Innovation
  • Alex Perrin & Joshua Tatangelo, 2pt Design Studio
  • Bertram Duerr, Seona Bellamy, Dom Willmott, Will Muhleisen, Aliena Leonhard, Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Design Innovation
  • Dr. Daniel Thommes, Neon Alpha